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Our community based Jigsaw service
In 2019, we continued to grow the reach of our Jigsaw service based in communities across Ireland:


appointments offered to young people across our Jigsaw services

Adding Co. Laois

Our service in Offaly expanded its support offering to neighbouring County Laois

Wicklow & Tipperary

HSE funding was approved for the development of two new Jigsaw services in Wicklow and Tipperary


The overwhelming majority of young people (92%) told us they were satisfied with the support they received from our Jigsaw services.

Lauren’s story:

Realising it’s not just me...

Lauren, 20, talks about her experience of going to Jigsaw.

Watch the video...

That was the hardest for me, going through the doors. When I did everyone was lovely, they offered me a cup of tea, there was biscuits. Everyone was so lovely.

Lauren, 20, Lauren’s story

Launched in 2019 with the support of Sláintecare, offers young people, parents, and those working with young people information and support on a range of issues affecting young people’s mental health. This includes:

  • A growing range of written and multimedia content on a variety of topics
  • Ask Jigsaw, a Q&A facility for getting advice
  • Live group chats
  • A new e-learning platform and series of online workshops

Multimedia support content:

Self-care during Covid-19...

Linda, a Jigsaw clinician, runs through a number of ways we can look out for ourselves.

Listen to the audiogram ...

Strengthen communities

Workshops and training

In 2019, Jigsaw delivered workshops to over 25,000 people in communities around Ireland. The workshops are delivered by members of our Jigsaw service teams and youth mental health promotion department, and trained advocates through our partnerships with schools, youth groups, other mental health services, and more.

A new e-learning platform and online courses

Launched in 2019, Jigsaw’s e-learning offers courses for teachers, parents and young people. In 2019, there were 8513 registrations for our online courses, and there was a 47% completion rate (3925 people).

One Good School™

In 2019 we launched One Good School™. Jigsaw knows from the My World Survey the vital role that schools play in promoting and supporting the mental health of young people. One Good School™ provides a programme that supports them in developing a shared responsibility for mental health and wellbeing across the whole school community. 80 schools have signed-up for our first year of One Good School™.

When I was going through difficulties, I decided to use my experience to help others, and working with Jigsaw was the best way.

Royanne McGregor, Youth Advisory Panel

Influence change

My World Survey 2

Published in 2019, My World Survey 2 is Ireland’s largest and most comprehensive study of young people’s mental health and wellbeing. It was developed by UCD School of Psychology and Jigsaw. The results generated a large amount of media coverage, including being extensively featured in the Irish Times, the Irish Examiner, on RTE’s Morning Ireland, on the, on Newstalk’s Pat Kenny Show, and more. This is only the beginning though. The findings will help to inform the development of Jigsaw’s primary care approach, and also influence youth mental health policy and practice in Ireland.

Jigsaw and Lidl’s listening campaign

In 2019, Jigsaw and Lidl launched the One Good Adult® Listening campaign with adverts across radio, print, and TV. The campaign encouraged people to take the time to listen to each other, and highlighted the value of being that One Good School™ in a young person’s life. The TV adverts had a reach of 488,000 people on their first day. The radio campaign ran on national stations reaching over 1.48million listeners, and 1.3million listeners across regional stations over the course of the campaign.

Are you a good listener?

The One Good Adult® campaign

Meet the Kavanaghs, Sarah & younger brother Andrew

Watch the video...

We will be forever grateful for all of Jigsaw’s help. For me, as a parent, I felt the strength and gentleness our clinician showed my son was hugely beneficial for him and for me. From our first appointment I left the building less scared and better able to deal with watching my son struggle.

A quote from a parent of a young person, who attended Jigsaw for support