How we raise our money


raised by our superb supporters in 2019. (2018: €2,268,791).


through donations income. (2018: €2,149,791).
See the breakdown below


General donations €421,719 (2018: €462,402) Income raised from donations from the general public


Corporate donations €507,890 (2018: €792,228) Includes income from corporate supporters and partners


Pro-bono donations €880,981 (2018: €895,161) Includes provision of services and facilities donated to us from our fantastic pro-bono supporters.


Other €30,000 (2018: Nil). Includes contribution to rental costs from shared premises.


Grants (Government and Foundations) €162,472 (2018: €119,000). This income comes from specific grants given to support Jigsaw initiatives.


Total raised €2,003,062 (2018: €2,268,791)


Charitable activities €10,257,270. Includes a national service level agreement with the HSE (Mental Health) and a local service level agreement with the HSE CHO 1 in Donegal and CHO 2 in Galway.


Total income: €12,260,332 (2018: €11,679,210).

Gary’s story:

2019 Revolution x Jigsaw Captain...

Gary volunteered as a captain for our 2019 virtual cycle fundraising challenge, Revolution x Jigsaw.

Watch the video...

I know Jigsaw have been around for some time, and from my own perspective I just wish I’d known about them when I was younger. Because I know it myself that I would’ve benefitted hugely from them.

Gary, Jigsaw supporter and 2019 Revolution Captain

How we spent our money


We spent a record total of €12,651,754 in 2019 on supporting young people’s mental health, which was €1,591,941 more than the year before (2018: €11,059,813).


Delivering Jigsaw services and supports €10,551,241 (2018: €9,268,402). We provide free, expert information resources and confidential support online, and in our Jigsaw services based in communities across Ireland.


Strengthening communities. €286,265 (2018: €124,809). We provide training and support to increase mental health literacy and build confidence in supporting and promoting young people’s mental health.


Influencing change. €319,772 (2018: €303,732). We research and share the latest knowledge on youth mental health to influence government and policymakers to deliver better mental health support to young people.


Support costs. €995,558 (2018: 1,003,952). This mainly relates to the costs of personnel and associated overheads of the Chief Executive Officer, finance, human resources, facilities and IT. It also includes governance costs.

Expenditure on raising funds was €498,918 (2018: €358,919). This was 4% of total expenditure (2018: 3%).

The board and staff of Jigsaw are committed to the highest levels of governance. In 2019, we were delighted to win a Good Governance Award for the second time. This is an important public acknowledgement and recognition of our efforts. We aim to always reach and exceed the standards expected of us.

Dr Patricia O’Hara, Chairperson (2016-2019)